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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cold, Cold Go Away

...and don't come back, ever. i swear, this is the worst spring break weather ever (well, for someone who lives in the south, anyway). it's been rainy all week. and if it's not rainy, it's cold. grr. well, monday was nice in destin...but it was rainy in mobile when we left and cold that night when we came back. it's not rainy today, but it's gray and cold. it's, like, 48 degrees right now. how am i supposed to go to the beach in that, huh? and it's only gonna get about 10 degrees warmer all day. yuck. and it's gonna be cloudy and gray all day. i hate gray days. oh well. it's supposed to be nice tomorrow and saturday, i think. so maybe the week won't be a total loss. it won't be if vanessa comes over this weekend and we go hang out at the beach, go see robots, go eat at the sand trap (restaurant at dauphin island - i haven't been there in a while)...

i have to go to DISL today...wish it was warm so i could go before the seminar and hang out at the beach. dr. v. wanted me to talk to the guy who's giving the seminar afterward. but i'm not sure what to say to this guy. maybe dr. v. will be there to coach me.

anyway, i guess i'm off to visit the exercise room next to the pool. ahh, the pool, wish i were visiting it instead...i usually like to walk around the park across from my apartment complex, but it's too cold and windy to walk outside. so, alas, i am reduced to indoor exercising. oh well, at least i can read on a treadmill...that's kind of hard when there's the danger of running into things or tripping over things...or people...or getting smooshed by cars.


Vanessa Mae said...

Yes, I can't wait to visit on Saturday. I hope the weather will be nice for a change.

Thought you and Deva might want to have a look at this link right here. The girl on the left (Meghan) is Cam's girlfriend.

Clickety Click

Jamie said...

Well, at least your St. Patrick's Day didn't start out with snow and ice on the ground and rain/snow falling for most of the morning. It has been this cold all week, and it is to continue for a while longer. Brrrrrrr. Now I really wish I had waited to come up here, till, like, summer. But in the end, I would still have to face winter up here. I hope it gets warmer for you down there. After all, Latina might freeze in 40 or 50 degree weather. :) ::toothy grin:: HAVE FUN!!