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Friday, March 18, 2005


even though it's still a chilly (to me, at least) 55 degrees, the *sun* is shining...a great improvement on the gray morning we've been having. i've been cleaning my apartment so vanessa doesn't have to see what a huge slob i really am tomorrow, and now the sun has come out. yay. sunshine always puts me in a better mood. now, it just needs to warm up, and it'll be perfect. i'm so ready for summer. yes, even though it will be miserably hot and sticky, and you can't go outside for more than a few minutes without a bottle of water handy, and forget keeping your hair nice, i am looking forward to summer. i won't have classes. i will be o'brien's TA for marine biology. i'll get to go to port st. joe and collect some seagrass. i'll actually get to do some lab work. ahh, sounds divine. the sunburns (which i can't seem to avoid no matter how many times i reapply the sunscreen), the nasty mud, the saltwater, the funny tan lines, the hours upon hours in the lab...ok, maybe that's not your idea of fun, but i'm one of those freaks who really enjoys these things. i'm very prepared to see my car sandy for 4 months, which i also can't seem to avoid. oh, maybe never vacuuming it has something to do with that. the only thing that could make summer better is hockey. too bad the season ends in the spring. but anyway, i just thought i'd share my good mood with everyone...and maybe some of you are looking forward to warm weather as much as i am.

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