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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Free Day

so, i have a free day today, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous...70 degrees right now, mid-70's predicted this afternoon. the sun is shining. and what am i doing with said free time? sitting in the damn library doing actual work. yuck. but not for long. the library's catalog is being uncooperative, so while i was able to look up lots of good stuff (and some of was online, so i downloaded it), i cannot seem to physically locate most of the journals in the library. and it's all because they stopped just putting the journals in alphabetical order. since the online catalog is down, i can't look up the call numbers for the journals or the three books i need. why does this always happen to me? when i motivate myself to do real work with an otherwise free day, something happens to the library's network, and my attempts at being productive are thwarted. i guess this means i should just give up and go hang out by the pool to soak up a little sun.

higgins's defense got postponed, so i don't even have to go that this afternoon. since we'd already cancelled class today, and higgins's defense didn't get postponed until yesterday afternoon, dr. park opted to go with the plan we set up last week, which is good because i haven't done the homework. why would i? i have an entire week to put it off. and i wasn't going to do it last game.

so, the last 12 minutes of last night's game were good...the rest of the time, the pilots totally sucked. then, when there were ~12 min left in the game, they seemed to say, "hey, we're losing to the last place team, here. crap. that'll make us look bad. i guess we'd better get back in this thing." and they started to play like the team i know and love. and beat victoria 3-1. but i was pissed for the first two periods because they were off in la-la land and not worried about playing hockey. and they took so many bad penalties in the 2nd, it was pathetic. i told chad i wondered if they were trying to see how many guys they could fit in the sin bin at once...kind of like a clown car...

after the game, deva left a message on my cell to tell me that the cops and news people we'd seen in the park earlier were there because a creepy guy had come out of the woods and tried to abduct a group of teenage girls. damn crime in mobile. it's getting a little too close to home. i walk in that park all the's right across from my apartment complex. i'm supposed to live in the relatively safe part of town...i'm not supposed to have to worry about creepy guys jumping out of the woods or serial rapists. but the crime is spreading and taking over the whole damn city. at least i already carry my cell and some pepper spray (this heavy-duty stuff that chad's dad gets - he works at holman prison in atmore, so they have the stuff you can't get in a store) with me when i go out alone...i feel prepared to defend myself if necessary. i'm fairly confident in my ability to kick some random guy's ass if he tries anything. but doesn't it suck that i have to think this way?

so, i can't do work...i think i'll skip out of the library and head for the pool.


Vanessa Mae said...

You're right. It's way too pretty a day to spend indoors.

Too bad I couldn't enjoy it. No, I must stay stuck in the confines of my cube.

Sorry that I missed you last night at the game. But I WILL see you on Saturday night!

latina marie said...

no prob, sucks that your flight was delayed. i think i'll be finished with animal husbandry by saturady, so i'll most likely be returning it to you at the's quite amusing. i read about half of it today, and at the rate i'm going i'll probably finish it tomorrow afternoon.