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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter to All

this has been the longest weekend ever. but it's been good. now i am very tired. and the pilots are tied 3-3 against damn texas. what's wrong with them? they've done so well this weekend. nuts. vince is hurt. corey n. has gone to the locker issue, not injury. ok. anyway, the game last night: excellent. congrats to the pilots on the division title - their first ever. spent the night at my grandmother's house last night - so of course i sneezed uncontrollably for a while before succumbing to the benadryl-induced haze that at least made the sneezing stop. the first words sammi said to me this morning: "you look awful." thanks, kid. and today: more sneezing. more benadryl. more sleepiness. maybe that's why i feel so tired right now. damn pollen. i actually did some homework today, though. that was good. then, huge dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, salad, peas, sweet potatoes, cupcake later on), hiding easter eggs, hunting for easter eggs, searching for one last egg for about 10 minutes before realizing that sammi had fed it to the dog and the elusive egg was mid-digestion. now: must do laundry. *sigh* just want sleep. very busy weekend. with my family. i love them, but too much time with them will drive a person crazy. anyway, happy easter, everyone.

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