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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Snaps for Mobile Police

nightmare of all nightmares...on my way back from class today, i unhappily discovered that the light at airport and university (the most dangerous intersection in the state of alabama, mind you) is being worked on, so it is just flashing red. not cool. for the past couple of days, they've been putting up new traffic lights at this intersection, so i guess i should have seen this coming. i'm guessing that they are now in the "take away old lights and get new ones on" phase. but the mobile police, rather than relying on the driving-sense-impaired population of the city to treat this horrifically busy intersection as a 4-way stop (which hardly ever works at smaller intersections, either - mobilians just don't get the concept of stopping when they don't absolutely have to), put a couple of thrill-seeking cops in the middle of this intersection to direct traffic. and things were actually moving pretty smoothly when i went through. well, as smoothly as traffic can be expected to move at airport and university. so, props to the mobile police department for making the new lights at such a heavily traversed intersection work out for all.

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