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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Something Good about Seminars

free food. that's always nice...and it's incentive for people to go and listen to a talk. i'm at DISL, and nancy just came in my office to remind me about the seminar, and she said she was on her way to pick up snacks. :) for snacks. i'm not even hungry...what a shame. but i won't turn down a free cookie...and a soda. or maybe i'll just have water. hmm...

i just downloaded some of the articles this pennings guy wrote...he's the one giving the seminar. i haven't read the articles, mind you, but they are on my comp and that's something. i'm taking advantage of the ethernet connection (which is much faster than my dial-up connection at home for downloading random files) here to do some research and download some articles...and a song or two on iTunes.

i ran into kevan on my way in here...he's a sweetie. maybe he'll be around on saturday when vanessa comes down here with me? hmm...ideas forming...perhaps i should give her the "grand tour" of the sea lab when we come to the estuarium. the nerdiest of the bunch are bound to be around, even on a saturday...

oops, almost seminar time. i better head over to galathea and claim my snack food.

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