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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spiffy New Boat

i learned today that the sea lab is receiving its new boat this week. now, i have known about this new vessel for quite some was built for DISL. i'm excited that it's finally getting here. when monty sent out the message that the new boat is arriving this week, he also sent a photo. it's quite nice. much nicer than the verrill (aka the vomit comet - a phrase used by a prof's wife; i have never gotten sick on the verrill, or any other boat, for that matter). but the verrill does have the prestige of having lived at woods hole oceanographic institute before being transferred to DISL.

check out the new boat. so awesome. and appropriately named after e.o. wilson, a pillar of the modern scientific community.
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now, compare that to the r.v./a.e. verrill. the new boat is a little smaller, but who cares? it's new, and speedy. something the verrill definitely is not.
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