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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Proof that Ice Pilots Fans & Sea Wolves Can Get Along

here it is. proof that i can get along with players on a team i hate. yes, this is me with mississippi sea wolves forward *bates battaglia*. ok, ok. i only did this b/c he's an NHL player who is only playing in the ECHL to be playing hockey somewhere. i had to take advantage.

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we lost last night in the longest shootout ever. it went 17 rounds...i don't know if that is actually a record, but it's definitely the longest shootout i've ever seen. oh well. it could've been worse.

Operation Ambush Bates went over well, i thought. he was nice...especially since he signed 5 pictures each for me, vanessa, and deva...and then got pics with all of us. he came out sooner than we thought he would...he was the 2nd damn sea wolf out the door. so we were a little unprepared when he first walked out of the civic center. so we followed him to the bus, where he put his washington capitals bag down, and we asked him to sign pics for us, which he did obligingly. and then we asked him to get pics with us, which he also did obligingly...maybe a little too obligingly, for me at least. now, you can't see the location of bates's left hand in this photo (which my husband took), but it is on my bum. i was unprepared for that, so if i look a little incredulous or confused here, that's why. i was flabbergasted. that was so inappropriate. i don't really know what to think about that. maybe my ass just happened to be at a convenient level for his hand (although, to me, it felt like he had to move it down to reach that area) and he didn't realize where his hand was. maybe. oh well. it made the evening memorable, even if it was, like, completely inappropriate. maybe we'll kick ass in mississippi today and make up for the home loss last night. at least we got a point.

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