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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Eventful...but not productive

that's how i would describe this morning's biometry class. we spent half the class going over notes we've already been through...and i didn't pay any more attention this time than i did the first. if possible, i paid even less attention today. i made lindsey giggle with doodles in my notes. here, you can see how my class notes look, too (some of them, anyway). maybe they'll make you giggle. today's topic: principle component analysis (i'm told it's very useful).
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
the armless man is saying, "i am a PC, and i explain the variability 100%!" in case you were wondering. so, the doodles do have something to do with the class. hmm...the armless guy doesn't have a neck, either. oh well. anyway, while lindsey and i were busy giggling away (probably not the best thing to do when you sit in the front row), mccreadie was trying to explain something about principle components to claire, and he was looking for a good analogy. so he asked me and lindsey to stand up...then charlie, then claire and andy. and he explained how we could be analyzed as principle components...lindsey and i were linked b/c we're both chicas, and we both have dark hair...of course, we giggled and linked arms when he said we were linked. claire and andy were linked b/c they both have light hair (mccreadie said blond, but andy's not really blond), but they're not as well linked b/c claire is a chica and andy is not (mccreadie thinks...giggle again). charlie was an outlier...he has dark hair...he could've been linked w/ lindsey and me. anyway, standing up in class definitely kills the falling asleep vibe. so that was a bit of amusement. i can't remember whether that was before or after the fire alarm went off...yes, even more excitement in biometry. so, everyone gets up and prepares to leave...i say screw the whole "leave your things, and get out" thing and rescue my lime green liz claiborne purse (how could i not? i love the thing...and my hockey tickets are in there - if they live in my purse, i can't leave them at home). lindsey does the same. so we're almost out the door when...false alarm. go back to your seats, people, you will not burn to death today.

like i said, an eventful class, but, as you can tell from the state of my notes, not so productive. i don't think i learned a damn thing...except that "if you have your assignments thursday, turn them in. if not, keep working on them." how's that for a deadline? at this rate, i could put that assignment off forever...except i promised lindsey i'd look at problem 4. nuts. i guess i'll have to do it.

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