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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Bit of Hockey News

so, today i discovered that former new york rangers goalie, and current victoria salmon kings goalie, dan blackburn has asked to be released from the last-place victoria. i was quite impressed when i found out that he had signed with victoria in the first place. not only are they an ECHL team, but they're not even good. actually, they're bad (and that's with dan blackburn, who, in his defense, has been recovering from a shoulder injury). i guess i shouldn't really say that (they're bad), since i haven't seen them yet. but their record speaks for itself. anyway, so dan blackburn apparently didn't want to be part of a last-place team with no chance of making the play-offs. the rumor is that he's leaving victoria to play for the hartford wolf pack of the AHL, who will most likely make the play-offs. imagine that...

anyway, i'm a little disappointed that dan is leaving victoria now...they're coming to pensacola march 22, and i wanted to see him. i was impressed that he was actually playing in the NHL his rookie season (rather than signing w/ an NHL team and actually playing in the minors). kind of rare for a goalie. but i think the rangers just didn't have anyone else. anyway, i'm always excited to see a player i've watched on tv in person. but now it looks like i won't get to see dan blackburn. nuts.

in spite of the dan blackburn setback, i still have hope of seeing another NHLer. one who eclipses both dan blackburn and bates battaglia...duh duh duh! *scott gomez* he is the cat's meow. i've always been a fan...i really hope that alaska wins the national conference and we win the american conference...then vanessa and i will have another ambush operation to plan. Operation Ambush Gomez. oh yeah...

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