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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yucky yucky yucky

bad bad game last night. we didn't just lose to the damn sea wolves. we lost to the damn sea wolves 5-1. yucky. and cam disappeared after the first period...hope he's ok...we already have scott may out for 3 weeks with a broken finger. that's what he said last night, anyway. i'm kind of glad chad and i didn't go to that game. dr. park kept us 15 minutes late yesterday (and i was all the way on dauphin island, with a 32-mile drive during rush hour ahead of me just to get home), so i didn't get home until after 5:30, and chad didn't get home until 6:15. we would've made it before the first period was over if we'd gone to biloxi, but we decided that we wouldn't go, since we were going to be late. and i'll be damned if the score wasn't 3-1 halfway through the first. i was not happy. but, on the upside of things, jacquo extended his point scoring streak to 6 games with an assist on jordan's goal (our only goal). Image hosted by and dave farrish decided after pulling ford in the first period to put him back in soon after, so freddy didn't take the loss...damn randy petruk for not sucking. and damn todd ford for such a bad game against the damn sea wolves. or maybe i shouldn't damn ford...i didn't actually see the goals that were scored on him, so i really don't know for sure that he should've stopped them. but he seemed to be doing a lot of making the initial save, then letting the puck squirt loose and not being able to take the rebound. that's what happened on the anthony battaglia goal. oh well. i guess it didn't help him that we had, like, no defense last night. damn. it was just bad. i hope we do better in pee dee friday night. my cousin lives in florence, SC and my uncle lives in darlington. i should tell them to go to the game.

ok...i'm off the bad game now. my casual committee meeting is tomorrow. i saw tim sherman tuesday, and he's like, "i'm not late for a meeting or something am i?" i guess i gave him a funny look or something...he's on my committee. or he will be. i have been informed that there is paperwork involved in choosing committee members. i did no paperwork. i sent an email informing people that they're on my committee. i guess i can do any required paperwork tomorrow. i haven't read nearly enough for this meeting, but i can at least give these guys my basic idea and ask some questions so we can work out the details. okee...gotta shower and get to class. ttfn.

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