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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Personal Hell

that's what traffic today was. a hell opened up just for me. because, out of all the days of the week, that damn chemical tanker just had to turn over on a road that i need to drive on to get to the sea, the one day out of the week that i have class at DISL. it couldn't wait just one day to cause a gigantoid chemical spill that evacuated tillman's corner, closed rangeline road, and led to huge traffic jams on government blvd. so, i had to go way the hell out of my way to get to class this afternoon. it's a good thing i left a little earlier than usual (and i usually leave in enough time to be at DISL 15 min before class starts). i got to class 2 min before it started - just enough time to pee and grab my seat. i was going 12 mph in a 50 mph zone on government for nearly 20 minutes. and i had to drive on a larger section of government than usual b/c i couldn't make my usual turn onto rangeline rd...damn chemical spill. they didn't even say which chemical it was. i'd like to know. anyway, i had to take bellingrath rd. to laurendine (couldn't take bellingrath all the way to hwy 188 b/c there's a section of the road missing close to 188) and continue on my way to dauphin island. it sucked. and i had to take the same route home...back through all the crappy traffic and two dozen cops directing us impatient, driving-stupid mobilians through the traffic lights. but this time i was going 25 mph in the 50 mph zone. so my 40-45 min drive took more than an hour today. damn traffic. i hate bad traffic...which is kind of funny, since i live in mobile...airport blvd is an everyday sort of hell for me. which is why i avoid it at all costs.

oh, and on top of the shit-tastic traffic situation, i find out there is a 50-50 chance that i'll have a 6 hour physical oceanography class on april 13. that WOMPS (to steal a word from the kiddie show Recess). we missed last week's class, which i was happy about. but two people in the class will be out of town for a conference next friday, the scheduled make-up day. so we need a new make-up day. and our make-up time revolves around the seminar course that takes place at DISL on friday mornings - they have class every other week. dr. v. teaches that class. i'm going to grovel at his feet and try to get him not to have class on april 15, so i don't have to go through another personal hell - a full day of physical oceanography. i can barely survive it 3 hours at a time. let's see how effective my powers of persuasion are.

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